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Better Starts,
Brighter Futures

Giving children the best start in life – Most people don’t realise how much a child’s first five years will impact their physical and mental wellbeing for life.
We want to change that.

An outreach initiative of
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Creating better starts and brighter futures for our children

We advocate the importance of a child’s first five years and its impact on their physical and mental wellbeing for life.

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Working for the next generations

The work we do aims to champion the importance of our children and inspire the potential of the next generations. We approach our goal from two directions: through policy and our community.

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Develop with science, teach with passion

Our values allow us to focus where we should – on working together to create better lives for children. They motivate us, drive us, and remind us always why we are doing this work.


We’re in this together.


Children are at the heart of all we do.


We seek to educate, inspire, and act for change.

Public awareness and government lobbying

We raise public awareness, lobby government for greater investment and deliver a combination of educational and activity-based programmes that will support and inspire parents and carers, and directly benefit the early years development of our pre-school children.

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Better together

There are over a hundred partners within the Children’s Alliance, each one willing to provide various resources to help us reach our goals of better starts and brighter futures for children. Below are just some of those partners we are working with.

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We believe that every child deserves a better start in life, but we aren’t doing this just for the children—we are looking at creating a brighter future for generations ahead. We can’t do this alone but we can make a difference together.