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Working for the next generations

The work we do aims to champion the importance of our children and inspire the potential of the next generations. This is how we achieve this.

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We’re working on this in two ways:

Making a difference in the first five years of children’s lives is vital. The work we do aims to champion the importance of our children and inspire the potential of the next generation.

We approach our goal from two directions, through our community work and our campaign.

Our community work supports children by giving them access to water; this could be in the form of swimming lessons, transport to lessons, swimwear and water play equipment.

Our campaign activity aims to get children and young people to be at the heart of policy making in Government.

By working with like-minded organisations and actively fundraising to support key projects, we’ll be able to provide more outreach into our communities and effect real change to the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the UK.


A Department for Children and Young People

Campaigning for the health and wellbeing of our children and young people is important to us all. AT Children’s Alliance, we recognise giving a child the “best start in life in the first five years” will give them the best opportunity for a healthy and well-balanced life. Through the production of educational reports, our annual conference, lobbying, research and building a network of supporters, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of these first five years, and why we need to make changes now and ensure the early years are part of Government policy.


Community outreach initiatives

Water is an amazing medium and through our knowledge and experience, we know how important it is for children to have access to water to play in, play with, swim in and explore.  We have committed to supporting projects that give children access to water.  This can be in the form of specialist swimming lessons for SEN children, or making swimming an inclusive sport through the provision of swimwear, or access to specific water sports which can help with mental health issues. Our aim is to provide grant funding to projects, twice per year. Applications can be made through completion of our grant application form.


Develop with science, teach with passion

Our values allow us to focus where we should – on working together to create better lives for children. They motivate us, drive us, and remind us always why we are doing this work.


We’re in this together.


Children are at the heart of all we do.


We seek to educate, inspire, and act for change.

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We believe that every child deserves a better start in life, but we aren’t doing this just for the children—we are looking at creating a brighter future for generations ahead. We can’t do this alone but we can make a difference together.