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Working Group Reports

Achieving policy change at a senior government level to promote the health and wellbeing of children in their early years is core to our purpose. This will include elevating the responsibility for the welfare of children to a senior cabinet position to be achieved through research and lobbying. Our Alliance members are working together to create four reports, setting out a complete programme for Government action. Below you will find links to our reports as they come out.

The Early Years Report

“Giving children the best start in life is by far the most effective way to address health inequalities in the long term.”  This is the tenet of Children’s Alliance and the focus on the new report titled The Health & Wellbeing of Children in the Early Years. This report is the culmination of work from many sectors and considers where we are now as a society, as well as setting a roadmap for improving outcomes for children in the future.

The Physical Health Report

‘The Physical Health of Children and Young People’ shows that some groups of children and young people begin life hampered by disadvantage due to their family grouping, geographical, cultural or socioeconomic circumstances. This report outlines a series of proposals to address the concerns that without effective co-ordinated measures led by Government, the next generation of UK adults will be the least healthy in living memory.