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24 April 2024

The Power Of Play – Press Release

Not-for-profit organisation champions the power of play for children at Downing Street

Not-for-profit organisation champions the power of play for children at Downing Street

According to a new report, if the UK is to truly succeed in this rapidly changing world led by advancements in AI, we will need to prioritise children’s opportunities for creativity through free play. Presented by the national not-for-profit organisation Children’s Alliance on the steps of 10 Downing Street, ‘The Power of Play: Building a Creative Britain’ underscores the vital role of free play in childhood development, promoting imagination and creativity that endure well into adulthood.

As featured on regional ITV Evening News programmes on Tuesday (16th), the report outlines 10 key recommendations for policymakers. These include recognising play as a fundamental right, integrating play into educational policies and investing in provisions to bolster the play sector at both national and local levels. By delivering the report to Downing Street, the Children’s Alliance aims to prompt politicians to prioritise children’s best interests across the UK.

“Play is universal and taps into children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity to explore and learn about the world around them,” said Tamsin Brewis, Director of Children’s Alliance. “Our latest report emphasises the importance and highlights the long-term benefits of prioritising early childhood play in our society to build a creative Britain for the future.”

Since 2022, the Children’s Alliance has been advocating for evidence-based policy recommendations to government and community funds to empower children to become resilient members of society. The latest report, featuring real-life quotes from children reflecting on their experiences of play, highlights the need for increased playtime across all ages, the importance of providing spaces for play in every local community and ensuring the quality of play experiences for all.

With the UK boasting a vibrant history of creative thinkers, Children’s Alliance believes that to sustain the UK’s creative legacy and ensure children have access to opportunities for future career paths, society should adapt to the changing social, cultural and economic landscape and recognise play as a vital component of education and societal development.

“We recognise that without prioritising play, and if it’s perceived as a low priority across all ages within our community, children’s health, learning, behaviour, emotional states and creativity are at risk,” said Dr Amanda Norman, Chair of the Children’s Alliance Early Years Working Group. “Therefore, we aim to listen and build on existing successful play initiatives. By acknowledging the rapidly changing digital age with advancements in AI, we must prioritise children’s opportunities for creativity. It’s imperative to nurture flexibility of mind and adaptability through play if we want the UK to truly excel in this evolving landscape.”

The report, which was led by Amanda and includes contributions from the Children’s Alliance Early Years Working Group and a wide range of professionals across the sector, emphasises the need to perceive play as not just a leisure activity but a fundamental aspect of childhood development – fostering creativity, problem-solving skills and emotional wellbeing.

“I sincerely hope that decisions makers at Downing Street will take these findings to heart and shape policies to nurture a brighter and more creative future for our society through the power of play,” concluded Amanda. “As George Bernard Shaw once said – ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’”

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